Management Phylosophy

LII YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. was founded in 1995. The manufacturing and marketing of excellent woodworking machinery, ranging from traditional machine to CNC panel saws is the reason this company is able to maintain a thriving business.
LII YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. has buyers spread throughout Taiwan, China and South East Asia. They also offer equipment parts and many types of related hardware such as cutting tools. Since the company’s establishment it has set up subsidiary companies in various countries to provide prompt service.

In 1997, another LII YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. opened on Da-ling mountain in Dong Guan, China with a focus on manufacturing and maintenance service.

In 1998, on Hou Street in Dong Guan, China a subsidiary company called Jien Ding Co. Ltd. was opened with a focus on marketing and on the expansion of new factories.

In 2000, Guan Cheng Ltd. was opened in Vietnam. The focus for Guan Cheng Ltd. was in business marketing and manufacturing thus satisfying the needs of Customers’ from Taiwan and different countries with timely service.

Due to its long term relationships with overseas clients LII YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. is familiar with their various needs.
The company has flourished in its aim to maximize value for its clients by providing the most suitable products for quality, functionality and production efficiency.

In the future, LII YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. will progressively expand the manufacturing of their products in China and Vietnam. They hope to break into the industry not only in Asia, but on the international market as well. LII YU MACHINERY CO., LTD. also persists in increasing its productivity and reinforcing its R&D ability to expand business. The company aims to create a professional team with ample resources and products with high attached value, thus making the company a permanent constituent internationally.